Cookie Policy

Last revised on Aug. 24, 2018

What is a cookie?

A “cookie” is a small computer file placed by an online service provider (such as Pickable) which the Internet browser downloads onto the terminal of its visitors. A cookie file makes it possible to identify the terminal in which it is registered, for as long as the cookie is valid. It can collect information about visitors’ actions, such as clicks or visiting different sections of the Website, (the “Website”, the “Site”).

Pickable uses cookies mainly in order to operate the Pickable Website and improve the services that are offered.

Pickable uses 4 types of cookies for the purposes described below:

Cookies which are strictly necessary for the operation of the Website

These are cookies which are necessary to browse the website, (such as session IDs) which enable visitors and Members to use the main functions of the site and make their connection secure.

Pickable’s function cookies

These are cookies which are used to optimize the operation of the Website. They are also used to adapt the layout of the site to the screen of the visitor’s terminal, making browsing smoother and more personalized. These cookies are used to improve the user’s experience.

Eliminating these cookies hinders normal use of the website,

Analytics cookies

Audience measurement and analytics cookies are used to collect information about the way in which the site is used by Members (e.g. to identify the pages that the Member opens most often, whether (s)he receives error messages on certain pages, etc.).

Audience measurement cookies are used to compile statistics on visits to the website (visitors) and analytics cookies are used to find out about the use of the site and/or performance of the services offered and hence to compile statistics on the use and take-up of Pickable’s services.

Conversion cookies

The main purpose of conversion cookies is to enable Pickable to ascertain whether an Internet user who has clicked on advertising of any kind relating to Pickable has registered on Pickable.

How can you disable cookies?

You can disable cookies by configuring your browser as follows:

For Google Chrome:

For Microsoft Internet Explorer:

For Mozilla Firefox:

For Opera 6 and above:

For Safari: